Laser Therapy

Laser light therapy uses a non-invasive laser device which emits specific doses and wavelengths of light. The laser uses light to enhance and speed up the natural healing processes. This is done by applying the laser to the skin of the affected area(s). The laser light travels through the tissues, where it interacts with specific molecules leading to several different and positive biological effects which triggers a faster healing of cells. It also encourages the release of endorphins to relieve pain while your pet feels nothing but a soothing warmth. The Canine Rehabilitation Centre is the only location on the Gold Coast using a Class 4 laser. The class 4 laser allows for the delivery of multiple wavelengths simultaneously, therefore, being able to treat several depths of tissue. This class laser can effectively treat osteoarthritis,  promote post surgical healing and also be used in wound care as well as many other conditions. Laser therapy treatments will be discussed in you assessment and become part of your treatment plan.

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