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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the backbone of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Simply put, it is the hands on assessment and treatment of the spine, joints and muscles. The ability to perform manual therapy takes specific training in human as well as the canine population.

The techniques used in manual therapy include:

  1. Massage: This involves the manipulation of the dog’s muscles and soft tissues to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and enhance relaxation.
  2. Mobilisation: Gentle movements of joints and bones to improve range of motion, flexibility, and to reduce stiffness.
  3. Stretching: Techniques used to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility, which can help prevent injuries and improve the dog’s mobility.
  4. Myofascial Release: A specialised technique focused on releasing tension in the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding muscles, to restore normal movement and reduce pain.

The effects of these treatments can often be seen (and felt!) immediately.

Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

Our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill is a specialised piece of equipment used to provide a controlled, low-impact exercise environment for dogs recovering from surgery, injury, or managing chronic conditions. This form of hydrotherapy combines the benefits of water’s buoyancy and resistance to create an ideal setting for therapeutic exercises. We have the ability to adjust the level of water to provide the level of support or resistance that best fits the needs of your pet.

The underwater treadmill also provides us with an excellent opportunity to assess the improvement in your pets functional mobility as they progress through their treatment plan. As your pet continues to gain strength we can add an incline or decline to the treadmill for an added challenge.

It is very important that your pet is ready for and will benefit from the underwater treadmill. Janet, our trained rehab practitioner, will be sure that your pet no longer has compensatory strategies present and any pain due to compensation has been treated and addressed before they progress to the underwater treadmill.


Laser Therapy

Laser light therapy uses a non-invasive laser device which emits specific doses and wavelengths of light. The laser uses light to enhance and speed up the natural healing processes. This is done by applying the laser to the skin of the affected area(s). The laser light travels through the tissues, where it interacts with specific molecules leading to several different and positive biological effects which triggers a faster healing of cells. It also encourages the release of endorphins to relieve pain while your pet feels nothing but a soothing warmth.

The Canine Rehab Centre is the only location on the Gold Coast using a Class 4 laser. The Class 4 laser allows for the delivery of multiple wavelengths simultaneously, therefore, being able to treat several depths of tissue. This class of laser can effectively treat osteoarthritis, promote post surgical healing and can also be used in wound care as well as many other conditions.


Home Exercise Program

Our hope is that your pet leaves their very first session feeling better. But how can you maintain the progress achieved in therapy? With a home exercise program!

Home exercise programs are an essential component of canine rehabilitation, offering numerous benefits that complement in-clinic treatments and contribute significantly to a dog’s recovery and overall well-being. Regular, guided activities tailored to the dog’s specific condition help maintain and improve muscle strength, joint mobility, and cardiovascular fitness outside the clinical setting esulting in an exellerated healing process. This continuity of care is crucial as it ensures that gains made during professional rehabilitation sessions are maintained and built upon at home. 

After each session you will receive an individualised home exercise program for your pet. We use Physiotec software which will send you a link of all the exercises reviewed with you during the session. The link not only has written instructions but accompanying videos so you are able to do the exercises properly in between sessions.


Ultrasound Therapy

Where the laser uses light waves for cellular regulation, ultrasound therapy stimulates blood flow and enzyme activity using sound waves. The sound waves provide a painless high frequency massage below the surface increase circulation to soft tissues.

Phonophoresis is ultrasound therapy with a specially medicated gel. The pulsing action of the sound waves help to deliver the medicated gel to the affected area and is helpful in treating acute muscle strains.

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